Watch: Avrumi Berko Productions & Yedidim Choir, “March Tzomo”


The talented Avrumi Berko and his Orchestra together with The Yedidim Choir performed this march that was rearranged by Avrumi Berko.

This march was originally released on the famous album Tzomo Lecha Nafshi by the Belz composer R’ Eli Eisenbach from Israel.

Keyboard & Synth: Avrumi Berko
Drums: Norbet Goldberg
Bass: Shloime Spielman
Guitar: Motty Feldman
Trumpet 1: Ben Holmes
Trumpet 2: Tony coroso
Sax: Seregei
Trombone: Dani Flam
Strings: Stanislov and Co.

Live Sound: B Y Holtzler

Stage Manager: H M Miller

Mixed by: A. Berko


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