Watch: At The Chuppah Of The Gerrer Rebbe’s Einikel In Yerushalayim


The Gerrer Rebbe married of a grandson tonight in Yerushalayim. The chosson, son of Rav Chaim Yehoshua Shartz, who is a son-in-law of the Gerrer Rebbe, is marrying the daughter of Rav Tzvi Stein.

The Gerrer Rebbe was the mesader kiddushin at the chuppah while the Belzer Rebbe was mechubed with Beracha Achrita.

Watch below to view a clip of the chuppah, courtesy of JCN:


  1. Nearly twelve years ago the Gerrer Rebbe shlit”o was here in Antwerp for a day,so I took the opportunity to go in with a kvittel.On it I mentioned that my daughter had just had her first child.The Rebbe wished me “mazel tov in a sach nachas”,to which I replied “Omen,in ich vill der Rebbe unvinchen a sach simchos” to which he replied with a smile “Umain !” This was just prior to lag b’omer,a few weeks later straight after shevuos he married off a grandchild. I thought to myself “wow,that was my brocho that did it !”

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