Watch: Are Vitamins, Supplements A Waste Of Money For Consumers?



  1. They’re called supplements. They supplement the vitamins and minerals that you may not be eating in your regular meals. If the good Dr. would up his efforts in making food producers produce real food and not sugar-laden garbage, the need for supplements may diminish. The water-soluble vitamins pass through your system and the fat-soluble vitamins, such as D3, you need desperately because you don’t get enough from the sun, and deficiency is a marker for diabetes. The FDA doesn’t test the efficacy of vitamins, the drug companies won’t let them.

  2. Ecoli in the lettuce? Incorrect. Fake news. It was a big lie by our honest upstanding government. It was meant to control food prices. What else is new? The FDA is so corrupt and bought out by big Pharma, they wouldn’t know a vitamin from a flu shot.

  3. Yes, ofcourse. The big pharm companies are losing billions to the vitamin companies and they want to “regulate” them i.e. get a prescription so they can money off it! Try googling right now “how many people die from tylenol?” First Result: “About 150 Americans die every year from acetaminophen poisoning”. Now try on pharmeceuticals and Now try it on vitamins!!! Get my point? Do you hear about this on the main news stations? Ofcourse not! Foxnews and other stations who get their overwhelming amount of money from big pharm companies have to do these hit stories….otherwise they lose revenue.

  4. There are high quality specialty supplements for a variety of ailments. One needs to consult an expert and use due care. Blanket statement that supplements are useless are ignorant.

  5. dont like ’em, not working for you? dont take ’em.

    I suspect your practice is losing $ on the people who get sick less frequently from supplements.

    BTW – Amazon has a review system, where anyone who takes a pill & it doesn’t work for them, can write all their issues. I just looked up a vitamin from Solgar & saw how many people wrote that their Tinitis is gone. Did a few say it didn’t work? yes, but that’s for the consumer to read & decide.

    enough regulation. let the entire epa, fda on most other gov’t agencies stay home. I think they could use a good vacation.

  6. For the vaccinated Vitamins and Supplements are the biggest waste of money and health.
    For the unvaccinated Vitamins and Supplements are a ‘pikuach nefesh’ must. How can they survive without them.
    Especially if you are from the ‘The City of Brotherly Love’.

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