Watch: Are Democrats Tired Of Obama’s Hope And Change Message?


Some high-profile Democrats are criticizing former President Obama’s midterm message of hope and change as too weak in the age of Trump; insight from Professor David Gelernter.



  1. In otherswords some people are realizing that phony platitudes don’t excite people as much as real accomplishment And there for if you want to win back the house you’re going to have to come up with a different lie to convince people to vote for you Because after all we don’t care about the success of the country as much as we care about having the power in our own hands Because it is no longer about seeing which side is right

    • Gadolhadorkah,
      This corrupt Kenyan socialist makes himself look bad to normal people. Those who have a liberal bent or have abnormal feelings of guilt feel the way you do.

  2. The only way the Democrats can win anything is by fraud esp because millions have left their corrupt party. Their tiny rallies show the truth.

  3. When you want hope and change, the diaper comes off. Yireh says we want change and health. The baby is already hope. Put it in another diaper.

    Democrats just want to abort the fetus and change the autoclave. Destructive.

    The baby if any is just running around naked. America.

  4. Like the posuk that asks הישנה כושי עורו, referring to the impossibility of such a change, what does hoping for such a turnaround accomplish?

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