Watch: Arab Teen Throws Stone At Toddler’s Head


A young Israeli boy was attacked by a stone wielding Arab teen today.

A video of the attack shows the Arab bombarding a rock at the boy and running off. The attacker has not been captured.

The rock cut a large gash on the victim’s head. The toddler was taken into the hospital for treatment and is expected to recover fully.

Watch footage of the attack below:

{ Israel Bureau}


  1. Who wants to watch footage of something like that?
    Who would actually watch footage of a toddler being attacked…
    I wonder….

    • Is that what you find disturbing in this story, not an islamonazi donkey, but people that refuse to stick their heads in the sand?!

      • No…I just commented on the particular area that gives me an ulcer, watching violance…I was not refering to the politics, which will NEVER change. ..regardless of whoever tries to change it. Esav sonei l’yakov…is here to stay…until our redemption… especially from the Yishmaelim….it is inbred and baseless…no President or peacemaker will succeed in changing their view.

  2. The islamonazis fear no consequences, as the Israeli Judenrat refuses to implement serious deterrents such as death penalty and all family assets confiscation of the islamonazi terrorists, instead they have this pathetic catch and release program. At the same time, the Judenrat throws a book at any real or imagined Jewish vigilantes who may want to give the islamonazis a taste of their own medicine. It is the Judenrat who is responsible for the islamonazis going wild. Even if there was no Arabs, the Judenrat would have imported some other sonei Yisroel.

  3. Anonymous, they don’t show the video for your entertainment. They show the video as proof to the rest of the world that these Palestinians are sick beasts.

    • I get that…I’m not stupid. ..I just cant imagine based on the caption that you can actually view it…and btw…I would say the same for any denomination, race. …hitting on another.It us “physically”gut wrenching to see innocent people getting hurt…just my humble opinion.
      Violance is violance…and painful to watch…


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