Watch: Anti-Zionist Demonstration in Boro Park Turns Ugly


A small group of rowdy anti-Zionist fanatics rallies against MK Meir Porush outside the Avenue Plaza Hotel in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn.



  1. Worse than them screaming, which we all know is from a banda fanatics. the one posting it on a sight for the world to see. It you YOU who are creating that Chillul Hashem as well! You are feeding their crazy needs and you are not using common sense!

    • No they created the chillel hashem. the one guy who put them in their place was a kiddish hashem why was their one guy standing up to those nizviks! Put down the phones and show them the Jewish community will not tolerate endangering Jews in eretz yisroel!

    • Just realized its more than one guy who put them in their place. Its hard to tell whats going on. Its just that that one guy was easy to see his intention

    • I just rewatched it. And it was a beautiful kiddush Hashem! I didn’t realize the first time how many people were against them. Maybe one day these nizviks will learn you don’t get to make a public chillel Hashem that endangers Jews in Eretz Yisroel without the Jewish community calling the challeras to task!

  2. It starts out ugly as mamzerim dressed as yidden make a chilul Hashem then it get beutiful as kanaoim wont stand for this chilul Hashem and take care of these mamzeirim.

  3. These are sub-human animals who all have their US citizenships revoked, and should all be shipped off to Syria on a one-way boat! I’m embarrassed to be called a frum Jew after watching this (and I live in Israel for 9 years). They don’t even know what they’re protesting for or about, but as long as there’s something Anti-Zionist in the news, these lunatics will jump on bandwagon. How utterly embarrassing!! Go find night jobs!!

  4. New day. Finished bog. Trump simplicity yields the yet more disagreeable.

    Fit bigger hope. The antizionist movement is gushing hate of even misery for burial. They do not allow common good to prevail.

    Dub each one of these protests David against Caleb.


  5. What a Kiddush Hashem!!!
    May Hashem Grant them H(umanity), E(arnestness), L(ankyness), and L(ong lost seichal should be returned)!!

  6. Glad that these nutcases were chased away, eventually.

    As a person who recognizes some of the protesters, I can unequivocally tell you that some of them are considered absolute lunatics

  7. While I don’t agree with the protesters, I am more disturbed by the thugs who think they have a right to physically attack those they disagree with. They have a right to mount a counter-protest, nothing more.

    • You are right. They were demonstrating very peacefully. Everything was fine until that stupid oisvurf tuna bagel, feeling guilty for leaving the fold, decided to lift his hands and assault his fellow yidden. Pheh.

  8. Expressing religious opinions in public is a chillul hashem???
    Much more respect for people who are moser nefesh for emes, not afraid to speak up, then sheep that don’t say a word as they are lead to the slaughter as long as the trip there is comfortable enough.


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