Watch: Anti Semite Harrasses Jews, Accuses THEM Of Being Racist


An Anti Semitic video has been making its rounds on social media, depicting a Jew hating New Jersey resident harassing two ehrich Yidden working on the eruv in Mahwah, NJ.

Mahwah’s eruv has been the center of recent controversy, stemming from non Jewish residents seeking to ban Jews from putting up the non intrusive strings around town.

Watch the harassment of the two Jews, who had full permission to install in the neighborhood and are backed by police, below:



  1. A police officer can be seen fleetingly in the background, in the beginning of the video, about eight seconds in.

    Shortly afterward, one of the workers says to the protesting landowner, “tell the officer”.

    Although I didn’t notice the same later, presumably there is a police presence nearby while the video is being recorded.

    I have to commend the workers for their restraint under intense provocation.

    • Casual viewers may miss the fact that there is a police car in the road right behind the eruv installers truck while this is taking place. It can be seen at 0:47-0:49.

      So if someone has the impression that they are doing it without governmental support, that is incorrect.

      People can debate the wisdom of such things from a public policy standpoint. However, from a legal standpoint, it seems that the workers are following proper procedure.

  2. The man is upset but gives no indication that he is an anti-Semite. He makes NO anti-Semitic slurs. On the other hand, the yidden putting up the eruv made a chillul Hashem by not responding that they got permission, and furthermore, by one of them lying that he is Mexican and doesn’t know English, which he undoubtedly knows. Let’s show more videos of Kiddush Hashem.

    • Agree with your point that he’s not being outright anti Semitic although that’s probably what’s driving his rage. But what you’re saying in regards to the Mexican comment I think you’re blowing out of proportion. ( probably some anti chasidim involved…)

      • Anonymous, I love all yidden including chasidim. Especially right before Tisha B’Av when we remember the Beis HaMikdash that was destroyed because of “sinas chinam” unjustified hatred, you should be more careful not to accuse others of sinas chinam. .Chazal tell us to judge others favorably (he’vai dan es kol adam l’kaf zchus). The yid told the non-Jew that he doesn’t speak English and that he’s Mexican. It is obvious that he is not, and that riled the non-Jew even more. It was a lie, but being that it was a poor attempt at one (as it is obvious he’s not Hispanic) he was “making chozek” and belittling and insulting the non-Jew.

        • Listen- look at the attitude of all other posters they all were able to see the good side of these menchen and found a way to spin it negatively. That says a lot about you…..

        • Phew such holy words of your pure mouth! I am so impressed of your bs. Your level of love to other yidden is astounding!! I must say your brilliance is impressive you can go work for wapo or CNN they can use your services of twisting facts to fit your hateful agenda…

    • When someone comes with a camera you always better off not responding. He has his own intention. video can be edited.

    • 12:37 anonymous, What are you some kind of judenrat or do you have a psychological need to accuse other Jews of Chilul H? How does this timid joke diminish Kovod Shamaim in the world? Not only that, but it’s not even offensive to Mexicans to state the true fact that most new (illegal) Mexican immigrants do not speak English. But the Feeble Mind award goes to your statement that the goy in this video was not antiSemitic. Would you also like to purchase a bridge across the East river?!

  3. This is something New Yorker yiden are sometimes lacking in – proper communication. They assume every goy is a lost case…

  4. These chevra are hero’s in my book. Nothing good comes from responding to a nosey body Jew hater. The anti semite was talking very condescendingly towards them. If the coward was so tough, why didn’t he physically try to stop them???
    Kol Hakavod. If they’re not breaking the law and they are following Halacha, the Eruv committee should continue full steam ahead.

  5. There would be no point in responding or trying to explain anything to this person who is harassing them. In takes tremendous restraint to not respond to this guys incessant attacks

  6. The frum guys should have either completely ignored(without looking down or showing weakness which only provokes goyim and wild animals) the goy – if he wasn’t going beyond verbal, or gone full chapson if the goy went physical. Making a joke or striking a conversation is not only useless to change a goy’s prejudiced opinion, but anything you say can and will be used against you by manipulative goyim – as was the case here: a racist Jew hater calls Jew a racist.

  7. Not anti semitic????
    So what is it???
    Oh, the guy doesn’t like a white strip on his telephone pole????
    Self hating Jews, keep your dumb uneducated comments to yourselves!

  8. politely respond (sorry, but we have permission- feel free to call law enforcement if you feel otherwise) and then ignore, especially when on tape

  9. Are you kidding? He’s oozing anti semitism, and you all know that. He’s just restraining himself from actually saying anything specific thats “jew hating” cuz he’s the one taping it. We’re in galus and we ought to understand that. It’s getting worse every day.

  10. I think a lot of you are missing the point. No doubt there is anti Semitism as well, but the mere fact that goyim don’t want chasidim taking over their town doesn’t render their protests- or even downright animosity- as an anti Semitic act. The same chasidim wouldn’t want goyim (or even another kind of yid) taking over their towns as well. I’m not sure why it’s so hard to understand.

  11. How do we know that this person is either a goy or an anti-Semite? Considering, from what I have read, that some of the most vocal opposition to the Mahwah eruv has been from secular irreligious Jews, that seems an unfair assumption.

  12. WOW!!! We call a Goy an anti-Semite for…….what? He was telling some Verizon workers to get off his property…….Do you understand? His property? And you call him an anti-Semite. You sound like a schvartza who is always a victim. Everybody attacks black people because they’re black, no other reason whatsoever. They’re always victims. You sound the same by calling some dumb Goy an anti-Semite for, what looks like someone trying to protect his own property.

  13. They weren’t on his property. They were parked on the street. Utility poles belong to the township.
    We were required to cut down 2 trees on our property because they were interfering with the utility poles that were technically also ‘on our property’. It seems that the poles and the ground under them belong to the town.
    That whole trespassing bit was a scare tactic, its not actually true that they were on his property.

    • Utility poles use easements or are sometimes placed on private property without the use of an easement. That is not the issue here.
      You have some Goy who is disturbed about 3rd party utility (Verizon?) workers on or near his property and asks the 3rd party workers for some type of documentation or authorization to justify what they are doing there. Does that sound like anti-Semitism yet? The workers have beards and speak a strange possibly mid-east language. Does that sound like anti-Semitism? The workers don’t respond to the Goy. Does that sound like anti-Semitism? If I were this guy I would call 911 and Homeland Security to inform them of Terrorists operating in and around my property. But anti-Semitism??? Did the Goy say something anti Jewish or use any anti Jewish slurs???
      There is nothing in this article that points to anti-Semitism. You sound like a perpetual victim who cries anti-Semitism just like the shvartzes who yell “Racist” every chance they get. Chill out.

  14. One thing some people will NEVER understand (you can talk until your blue in the face, they just don’t GET it). We are in GALUS. This is NOT our country, and we should NOT be attracting this negative attention by trying to take over towns. Wanting to build a holy insulated community doesn’t excuse all the sinas yisroel caused in the process. An eiruv is NOT a life necessity which gives you a right to cause goyim to escalate their hatred on all of us.


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