Watch: Amazing Cover Of MBD’s Hevel Havalim By Strumz


Listen with earphones or speakers to enjoy the full sound.

Always bringing something fresh to the table, the Strumz band popular videos are known for their unique covers on everyone’s favorite songs. Once again, they bring you a great song with some great twists which was recorded live at a recent event in The W Loft. Enjoy!

Composed by: Mordechai Ben David
Originally Recorded by: MBD - Tzaakah album
Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocal: Chaim Brown
Electric Guitar & Backup Vocal 1: Efrayim Berger
Bass Guitar & Backup Vocal 2: Avrumi Rosenfeld
Flute: Meyer Rosenbaum
Cajon: Chemi Rosenfeld

Filmed & Edited by: BenHesh Studios 347.743.2206
Mixed By: Hillel Kapnick @ Uptop Studios (Monsey, NY) 845.418.4616
For Bookings call: 347.598.0865



      • No, (I wish)
        The lead vocalist (Chaim Brown) did a release a single this year though titled ‘Haneshama Lach’, a stirring track accompanied bya beautiful child soloist.


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