Watch: All Presidents Talk, Trump Gets It Done




  1. Trump is truly a living deity, a giant among midgets, a cro-magnon among neanderthals and a force of light among darkness. We are blessed to breathe the same air as his exalted Trumpiness as we bask in the reflected glory of his august countenance. Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt should be chiseled off of Mount Rushmore and Trump’s benign visage should peer forth instead – in quadruplicate. Every coin, bill and postage stamp should have his Donaldness’ likeness on both its front and back. Orange will be the official color of our country, and the red stripes of Old Glory shall henceforth be orange as well. Hillary Clinton’s legal first name shall now be “Crooked”, Ted Cruz’s “Lyin'”, etc, etc. A fleet of mirrored vehicles will flank Trump’s motorcade wherever it goes, so he may always behold his favorite person.
    I could go on and on about his gloriousness’ glories but I grow weary, tired out by all this winning. Thank you for once again shining a bright light on the hidden virtues of this great and modest man.

  2. Guns are simple. Aim them fast and shoot. If the enemy is wise or you are faster, someone survives. Trump is fit. His wars are simple. I do not know who else has one. It is not exactly what I would have done if I was in office and jewish. I guess with the Chabad advising Jared, nothing can go wrong. Schneerson knew it all.

    [Ask Rabbi Miller how he felt and ask Rabbi Schach what that meant]

    Crab and seltzer still on his table but not Jared’s. Could be interesting.


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