Watch: Alan Dershowitz: No Impeachable Offenses Against Trump


Harvard Law professor emeritus weighs in on the potential legal fallout over the president’s former attorney striking a plea deal on campaign finance violations.



  1. Is making America great again not an impeachable offense?
    Is making the economy better not an impeachable offense?
    Is mentioning G-d several times in his talks not an impeachable offense?
    Is standing for the National Anthem not an impeachable offense?
    Is saluting to military soldiers not an impeachable offense?

  2. Alan has a really good head. It’s a shame he didn’t stay in Yeshiva. He mamesh could of been a shem davar in the Yeshiva velt. He could of (still can) be michaber seforim on Torah

    • Maybe this is what happened to him when he joined the army after yeshiva. He might have even been a mechaber sefarim, as what happened to this young man a mechaber a choshuva sefer who’s a mechalel Shabbos today after the joining the army. Rabbi Ariel shlit”a could confirm this.


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