Watch: Afternoon Chanukah Reception at the White House



  1. OO spiritual leader ‘Rabbi Steven’ is a fitting representative of ‘Open Orthodoxy’, HIR, and his predecessor, Reb Avi Weiss.

    He had to chanfeh BHO all that much? And give a (worthless) OO hechsher of ‘kosher limehadrin’ on the Obama presidency? On the toeivah too? Disgraceful.


    Topping it all off with two ‘brachos’ without sheim Hashem, and then a shehechiyanu with shem Hashem? He didn’t make a separate, other bracha there as well?

    Did he make Baruch Dayan Emes on losing the election?

  2. This is how Purim started with a simple party. Now will Obama vote a YES or a NO when the next vote is to be counted at the UN about Israel, so Jews enjoy and don’t think about tomorrow.


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