WATCH: After Supporting Anti-Trump Protests, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Meets With Trump, Speaks Outside Trump Tower


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio emerged from a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump saying he told Trump that “so many New Yorkers are fearful” of what he plans to do as president.

De Blasio, a liberal Democrat, has clashed with Trump in the past. And like mayors in many of the nation’s major cities with diverse cultures, he has said New York City authorities would not assist federal immigration officials, providing sanctuary to immigrants fearing deportation.

Despite such differences, De Blasio said the hour-long session was “respectful” and added that Trump “loves this city.”


  1. Who does this guy think he is??? He thinks he has the right to bully the President Elect?? What a fool. So arrogant. This country is going to turn into a zoo.

  2. that is not bullying, that is saying his opinion and looking out for his city and the residents concerns. who does trump think he is??, with no political background

  3. what a two-faced guy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mr Mayor – why don’t you stop the protests that are blocking traffic and not letting people get home in time?
    Mr Mayor – where are you the entire year when New York is going down the drain due to your LIBERAL policies?
    Mr Mayor – start protecting the “victims” of terror and not the criminals.
    Mr Mayor – give the jobs back to New York citizens paying taxes and not to ILLEGAL immigrants.

  4. Trump won the election. DeBlasio needs to respect the office. Period. Whether he agrees or not. And dont get fooled by “looking out for his city”. Thats the left at its best. It brands it as if they care but they can care less. He’s a reckless bully.

  5. @ Moishe Goyishe. And this mayor you will agree with when he says for the people to continue protesting and destroying nyc.

    Its time to wake up. Hes trying to get publicity for re election. Its coming up soon.

    Good thing I moved


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