Watch: ADL’s Greenblatt: Anti-Semitism Moving Into Mainstream


Anti-Semitism has moved into the “mainstream” in “shocking ways” — with poisonous rhetoric coming from both the left and right, Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO and national director of the Anti-Defamation League said Sunday.

In an interview on NBC News’ “Meet The Press,” Greenblatt blamed social media for being complicit in “amplifying and accelerating” the movement.




  1. What did ADL say about DemocRats becoming a party of the antisemitism with cozying up to Farrakhan, supporting Muslim Brotherhood, and nuking up the Shiites?!

  2. While I’m no fan of Greenblatt and he and his organization don’t represent me in any way, he is correct for saying that online forums have increased the levels of anti-Semitism among both the right and made it more mainstream.

    That said, the anti-semitism of the left is more worrisome because the anti-semites on the right are openly anti-Semites.

    The anti-Semites on the left usually disguise their motive in ostensible altruistic talk about caring for the rights of fill in the blank. Therefore their anti-Semitism is far less noticeable at first and far more likely to draw mainstream people into it.

    • Right. Thats why while there is no shortage of Jewish anti-Semites they are all exclusively left wing anti-Semites.

      Right wing anti-Semite don’t pretend to welcome those useful idiots.


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