Watch: Additional Footage from the Rabbonim Meeting in Monsey On Giyus


An asifa in Monsey gathered many gedolim together to discuss the issues and stances involved in the giyus in Eretz Yisrael.



  1. יישר כח גדול להאדמו"ר מהר"א ט"ב מקרית יואל פאר רעדען מיט שכל צו דער זאך

    ב”ה the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Joel, like יהושע and כלב, upon whom the פסוק says כי רוח אחרת היתה בו, spoke sense and saved the day.

    • You should be ashamed of yourself. What gives you the right to slander Rabbonim? We don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong, we follow our Rabbonim, whatever their shitos are. But under no circumstance is it acceptable to publicly slander a group of Rabbonim that have a different opinion than yours. Who are you to say כי רוח אחרת היתה בו, implying that all the other gedolim there are making a mistake? You have the right to follow your Rav, but you have absolutely no right to slander Rabbonim that differ. Terrible things happen to klal yisrael because of people that come with an attitude like yours.

      • I am reminded of a story.

        Two people who were arguing came to a Rav to mediate their dispute.

        The Rav listened to one side, and said “you’re right”.

        Then he listened to the opposing side, and said “you’re right”.

        A bystander then piped up and said, how can both opposing parties be right when they are saying two different things? The Rav said to him “you’re also right”.

  2. It seemed that the Satmar Rebbe was controlling the floor and not letting any of the the other Rabbanim get in a word edgewise. Can someone give a synopsis of what was actually said?

    • Didn’t you notice R. Aaron M. Schechter, RY of MYRCB at the immediate right of the Satmar Rebbe of KJ, R. Dovid Shustal of BMG at the Rebbe’s immediate left, and R. A.M. Kotler of BMG at the immediate right of R. Schechter of MYRCB?

      Also, at another table, R. E.B.Wachtfogel of S. Fallsburg, R. Kanarek.


  3. They’re saying “It is OK for YOUR sons to serve in the IDF, to keep Eretz Yisroel and Am Yisroel safe, but not OUR sons”.

  4. 7:30 Satmer said something very valid.
    Had everyone fought together “we are NOT going to the Army”. they would have won. Now that the fight was over registration (which implies that we agree to go to the Army or some other public service – dictated by the anti-Jewish government, – after Yeshiva), this ruined it, especially when there are Machlokes about the registration….. (And some of the Talmidim dont know how to act like mentchen)

    • So you are suggesting that the State of Israel does not need an army, a navy, and an air force? Is that what you are implying?

      • Sure they do, but let the chilonim serve. There are plenty of chilonim with too much time on their hands.

        • Oh, now I see. Let the chilonim’s children serve. Let them die, chas v’shalom, for us. And you wonder why they hate us?

          You are no different from a Aushwitz Kapo: Save your own life but send another Yid to his death.

          PS: And there are no Haredim and Hasidim with “too much time on their hands”?

      • Of course Israel needs an army, but right now they have more than enough! Over 1 million active soldiers, and another 500,000 in reserves. Plus, it costs the army 3 times as much to provide for a frum soldier (kosher, doesn’t work on shabbos), yet they insist on doing it. If Israel was at war, and the army was willing to address the many issues facing frum soldiers and ultimately cause a lot of them to abandon yiddishkeit, then something could be worked out. Even Ben gurion knew that the zechus of all the yeshivas was what was keeping Israel from being overpowered. If he knew that, we should for sure know that. If you’re pro-israel, you should be against the draft, because that threatens Israel’s existence.

  5. I am not interested in this. And I don’t see why anyone would care to hear a bully making noise to feed his political ambitions.

    Let them talk in learning. You’ll see very quickly who would do the talking.

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