Watch: A Visit to the Kever of Mordechai and Esther in Iran



  1. One thing that has troubled me in the past about this is that why wouldn’t Esther be burried in a royal Persian cemetery with the other Kings and Queens of Persia? How did she end up back with Mordechai?? Didn’t she say כאשר אבדתי אבדתי?

    • You aren’t the only one bothered by that, especially since the location of this grave in Hamadan (old Medean city of Ecbatana) is not only where NONE of the Persian royals are buried, but also very far from Shushan – the active capital (today’s Shush), or Persepolis – the ceremonial one, and the butial location.
      The Persian Empire had four capital cities, each serving a different purpose. Ecbatana is mentioned in עזרא as אחמתא, a capital of Medea and NOT of Persia.
      Add to the confusion the purported קברים of the same people in upper Galil, and then decide which to pay a visit to.

    • It would be very painful for a Jew, even a queen, to be buried next to non-Jews. Remember, the soul hovers over her grave until techiyas hameisim.

  2. To ‘just born yesterday’ . The Medrish says that they WERE husband and wife.
    But nevertheless I’m also suspicious. There isn’t a clear mesora that this is authentic. It’s just mesora of the local gentiles. Unlike the kevarim that dot eretz yisrael that all have mesora such as up north almost all from the Arizal ect.. There was huge buzz that they found the real holy ark also based on locals and they concluded that it was replica .


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