Watch: A Question of Halacha – Bochur Deceives Future Shver



  1. I hear. What about any Rosh Yeshiva, upon being asked about a particular bachur, responds, yes he’s from the best bachurim in my Yeshiva? What about fudging the age a little bit, especially when dealing with older shidduchim?

  2. Interesting but still, he deceived both the young lady and her father! He could do that again in other circumstances, when he does not have her approval. He saw that it works. On the other hand, the father should have asked for this e a r l i e r on in their relationship, if it is so important. However, in order to respect the young man’s privacy, he may opt to give the documents to a trusted colleague, with a sample of his daughter’s writing, to check for compatibility.

  3. What about when the shver promises to support the young couple for 5+ years and after a half a year he says, I’m outta here??? I don’t have the money. What are you going to do at that point? The shver proved that HE was the lying crook. So, in this case, I say good for the young chosson. The shver can’t be trusted anyway.


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