Watch A Man Try A New And Creative Way To Ride The Train



  1. Old time been doNE before
    Should not be glorified
    Dangerous If he falls he breaks his neck
    Natural selection
    And it’s stealing
    Why post this stupidity

  2. גזל דרבים

    Would you post videos of turnstile jumpers?

    Even more dangerous train surfing in NYC?

    אין אלול נאך דערצו

  3. I remember in the 60’s blacks used to ride on the back of buses until the buses were redesigned so no one could hop a ride.

  4. Big deal. The arabs get on the light rail and don’t even pay and try to intimidate the jewish riders. I remember about a year ago I was visiting my daughter living in israel. I got on the train with her and a few punky Arab teenagers acted rowdy as the Jews sat in silence. I’m a big guy and tough looking. I walked right into them and stared them down and they all fell silent in fear. I would of thrown them out the door on the next stop had they made one remark. I don’t know what’s happening in Israel why everyone is so scared.


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