Watch: A Fox News Report: Community in Conflict: Hasidic Jews & Tech



  1. Fake news! To all self hating jews: I live in boro park, I’m a proud frum jew, my children are in chasidishe schools, i have a smartphone & laptop, i do not live in a bubble, i am happily married!

  2. Now fox news has joined the ranks of fake news. You would think after watching this clip that only “hasids” bemoan the dangers of technology. Go right now and google the words “dangers of the internet”, There is an entire page of websites that discuss the dangers of the internet. Not one is recognized as jewish.
    Second, I just love it when these fake news sites interview disenfranchised teenagers as if they have some credibility.

  3. Chazel say that our tongues are a double edge sword. Hchaim vhmovos byad hloshon. Yet Borei olam gave us this potent tool and we must rise to the challenge. The internet is fraught with danger however it’s here. Shouldn’t we learn how to use it safely?!

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