Watch: 2020 Dem Hopeful Wants To Forgive $1.5 Trillion In Student Debt


Miramar, Florida Mayor Wayne Messam discusses his 2020 White House bid.



  1. Is he that sure that he is not in the Mueller report list of indictments which President Trump said includes 87% Democrats? He hasn’t seen the redacted parts but apparently the Democrats are already panicking. There must be a bombshell in there waiting to explode. Which is why they’re not forcing Trump’s impeachment. Because as soon as they’ll push for it, the truth will come out and they know it won’t look too pretty.

  2. The Democrats have absolutely no platform to go on and no idea how to run a government… so their only hope is to promise to give away free money. Booker has promised to give every new born child a savings account that starts at 1,000 can be worth 20k…


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