Watch: 12 Russians Indicted, But Where’s The Collusion?


Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino on what the indictment from the Robert Mueller probe against 12 Russian intelligence officers really means.



  1. What he’s not saying is that this took place during the Obama era and he did nothing about it then especially that Obama was informed about it before September 2016. Rosenstein is a crook and should be jailed.

  2. Obama is being let off the hook because our current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is petrified of being called a R A C I S T by Jerrold Nadler & Adam Schiff. Mr. Sessions has abandoned his duties and in so doing, has endangered the American taxpayers. I call on President Trump to fire that little pipsqueak coward TODAY!!!

  3. Former DNC chief Donna Brazile has admitted that the Democratic party allowed hackers to steal data from the party’s servers so that they could continue focussing resources on ‘rigging the primaries’ for Hillary.


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