Warship Carrying $130 BILLION In Gold Is Found 113 Years After Sinking


A sunken Russian warship believed to contain $130 billion in gold bullion and coins has been found off the coast of a South Korean island — 113 years after it was scuttled during the Russo-Japanese War, reports said.

A joint team including South Korean, British, and Canadian explorers on Sunday found the wreck of the Dmitrii Donskoi more than 1,400 feet below sea level and a mile off the coast of the South Korean island of Ulleungdo, according to CNBC.

The Russian Imperial Navy cruiser was carrying about 5,500 boxes of gold bars and coins — weighing some 200 tons — when it went down in 1905. An agreement with the Russian government will give the country half the gold recovered, with parts of the remainder going towards various business development projects in Northeast Asia as well.

The rest of the $130 billion treasure will stay with team that found it and their investors.

Read more at NY POST.




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