Want to Speak to Your Cleaning Lady? The Easy-Shmeezy Guide to Spanish



  1. Matzav: I believe there was no ill intent, but your headline “Want to Speak to Your Cleaning Lady? ” is insulting, with the easy inference that Spanish is a servant’s language and its speakers are servants.

  2. Yes I’m sure this was not the intention, and I didn’t watch the video, but the title itself, as the above poster stated, is offensive. It is a chillul Hashem and should be removed quickly. (I have been a reader of Matzav for years and this is my first time commenting here, or on anything other news site for that matter.)
    Kol tuv.

  3. I don’t like the title either, but may I remark that “cleaning lady” is not an insult. It is in fact one of the most necessary jobs, and that’s even more remarkable in our days where many jobs, or should I say job titles, are nothing else than a source of income. Have you ever been unable to find a replacement to a cleaning lady who is away for a week? And of course I take for granted that during that terrible ordeal, meals will be eaten strictly at restaurants including breakfast, children are given extra pocket money to go for a snack at their friend’s, and any kid who can already talk is brainwashed to gently inquire from their cleaning lady if by any chance she could step by at our place 🙂

    One more thing, for those readers who dont live in NYC or in lib-dem areas and may not be aware of this. Tomorrow is some sort of a holiday: Toilet’s day. Something that is very badly underappreciated by us all who have clean toilets available, and don’t know about you, but none of my family members clean the WC, nor I do. Thank You to all cleaning ladies and gentlemen, and of course to janitors too.

  4. Cleaning Lady Clarification:
    Hey amigos, Moshe Sherizen here, the guy in the video. So, I didn’t write the title …though I think its great. 😉
    Very possibly the person in your life that speaks only Spanish is………your chavrusa,NOT! –your cleaning lady.
    In the book I did write a section on how to converse with your Spanish speaking cleaning lady, though the other 95% will help you for the sefarim store, shidduchim and many other scenarios. I did it out of respect to the Hispanic cleaning ladies. I want them to know that we respect them and want to communicate with them like mentchn (froyen).

    Imagine how they must feel when they come to our homes. They come in and we give them a broom and mop, no hello. Then we start doing hand motions and speaking English with an accent as if that will help them. Tehk dees spohnj ahnd wahsh dee deesheez. Then we look at them like they’re 3 years old and say —–Okeey?

    One of the reasons I got into Spanish is the zechus of my wonderful cleaning lady, Saphira. I actually have a video of me speaking to her on my first day speaking Spanish. (I am not sure if I should post that on Matzav.) Bekitzeh, I wanted to speak to her instead of doing charades all the time.

    People have asked me if the book is P.C. . I respond that I don’t know if its P.C. but it for sure is V.G. = Very Geshmak.
    Reboisai, you all are great and thanks for the good words. My we be zoicheh to be V.G. in everything we do and to build bridges of communication with our neighbors.

    Please check out the full project here: http://www.EasyShmeezy.com/Spanish

    If you have any ideas on how to make The Easy-Shmeezy Guide to Spanish a success lmv.

    bon semana (a gitteh voch)


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