Walmart Rolls Out Jetblack, A Members-Only Service


Walmart is rolling out a new service where shoppers can order items over the phone via text message.

Known as Jetblack, the $50 per month platform has quietly been in beta mode in the New York area. It will now be opened up to more applicants in New York who wish to become members, before expanding to other U.S. markets. The retailer made the announcement Thursday at its annual shareholder meeting in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Jetblack will give members access to personal shoppers who will offer recommendations when a person texts, for example, “I need a gift for my 10-year-old daughter’s birthday party.” The shopper can then choose from the photos of items sent to them via text. From there, an order can be placed — again, over text message and comes with white-glove delivery as soon as the same day or next day, complimentary gift wrapping and easy returns.

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    • I wondered the same. Who’d pay $50 per month? Even the the $12 a month ($120 per year) on Amazon is a lot.

  1. The key is global. If you can offer a service that can be used by the majority of us residents or Canada.

    The reason Amazon is so successful is because their prime is offered to all of us and canada residents who want 24 hour shipping.

  2. Walmart is a racist store and should be boycotted. How dare they name their program Jet”black”? They have sinister underlings. They could of easily named it Jet”white”. I demand that all their employees undergo intensive sensitivity training!

    • Exactly. Good thing it’s called Wal-mart and not Man-mart or Wal-man-t. Then they’d really be in trouble.


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