Wall Street Protesters Plan 24-Hour Drum Circle at Bloomberg’s House


bloomberg1Occupy Wall Street protesters plan to take their message – and drums – to the Upper East Side home of one of the city’s wealthiest, and most powerful, residents.

The Occupy Wall Street organizers plan to play a 24-hour drum circle in front of the home of Mayor Michael Bloomberg this afternoon.

The controversial drumming irked many lower Manhattan residents who said the the consistent banging — sometimes in beat, sometimes not — kept them up all night.

The “Occupy Bloomberg’s Mansion Drum Circle Protest And Love-In Art Show” begins Sunday at 2 p.m and plans to continue through Monday. A Facebook event page set up by the group asks protesters to bring drums and other musical instruments as well as food, sleeping bags, banners, art and art supplies.

“Let’s occupy the park at 79th Street and have a love-in and serenade Mayor Mike,” the page says.

Organizer John Penley said protesters want to get as close to Bloomberg’s house as the police let them. Authorities have them penned in on the side of Fifth Avenue closest to Central Park.

Zuccotti Park was cleared early Tuesday morning after a surprise sweep led by the mayor, who said the decision to clear the park was “mine, and mine alone.”

Mayor Bloomberg does not reveal his whereabouts on the weekend, and did not have anything listed on hi public schedule for today.

{NBC New York/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. why aren’t they were they belong circling the whit house but bloomberg will do

    or perhaps they should be at the W hotel with their leaders

  2. Good for Bl$$mberg! It could not of happened to a better guy! LIBERALS encourage these type’s of whack jobs & it always comes back to bite them! They never learn! Liberals are so stupid!


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