Waiting to Count On Shavuos Night


shavuosOn Shavuos night, the minhag is to wait until it is night – Tzeis Hakochavim – to daven Maariv in order to have 49 complete days. (Shulchan Aruch w/Mishnah Brurah 494:1).

Likewise, it is preferable for women to wait until it is night to light candles and say Shehechiyanu on Shavuos night. (Luach R’ Yechiel Michel Tukatchinsky, Piskei Tshuvos 494:2)

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  1. Shvuos night is Motzei Shabbos this year and obviously women must wait till night to light candles.

    Furthermore, There is no basis for the minhag of waiting till dark for “temimos”. It is not based on the gemara, rishonim or early achronim.

  2. This year, it is not only preferable, woman must wait till after nightfall to light Shavuos candles, as it is Shabbos.

  3. “preferable… to wait until it is night to light candles…”
    This year it is not only “preferable” it is OBLIGATORY (since Erev Shavuos is Shabbos)


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