Watch: Meet the Chassidshe Hacker Who Was Ranked 22nd Best In the World!


“They call us “White Hat” Hackers, because we are the good ones. I’m a White Hat Hacker, with a black hat.”




    • he is a white hacker which is “kosher”. Per the interview he found 3 vulnerabilities in google products. The way to find these vulnerabilities is to hack google. He is kosher since he lets google know that he found a security glitch/bug in their code, and NOT use it for “nefarious” reasons. For doing this Google will pay you for this.

  1. Wow, I was more impressed by his shmiras aynayim!
    I found it weird at first his lack of visual focus, then I noticed that the interviewer is female… Not a full time ben torah… Just a regular chasidishe yungerman (or bochur?)… Now THIS is a kiddush hashem!

    • I agree. He seems to be an ehrliche yid. I hope he has a legitimate kosher filter on his computer.

  2. people have weird ideas about chareidim . just like someone who rides a bike once a week can not be as fast and as able as one who rides every day, so people who study everyday and are used to figuring things out every day–well, those people know how to figure things out better than most other people; it’s simple logic

  3. If he is kovea itim, seeks daas ToraH, a ben Torah is a ben Torah regardless of whether he learns or works full time part time or any combination.


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