VP Debate Live: Paul Ryan and Joe Biden Square Off


biden-ryan[Live video below.] After President Obama’s abomination of a first debate, tonight Joe Biden looks to outgun Republican Paul Ryan. The Democrats are trembling after the first Presidential debate led to catastrophic falls in many polls. Joe Biden is known for dropping careless remarks, a trait that could prove lethal. But Republicans have to wonder about the aptitude of their attack dog as well.

The moderator for the debate will be Martha Raddatz, Senior Foreign Correspondent for ABC News.

The debate will begin at 9 p.m. EST.

Click HERE to watch it live or click below:

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. why do martha and joe keep interupting and changing the topic when ryan says somehting good aka vs their liberal left wing views

  2. obama/biden do not deserve to win! it’s the presidential debate that matters and Romney definitely won! Biden was rude, arrogant and too full of himself.

  3. Biden won the debate…I was never so mad in my life!!! I dont know how anyone would want him- he looked so cruel when he was laughing…oooyyy HASHEM SAVE US!! I was reading a youtube comment of the debate and someone posted …..THIS TIME THE JEWS MUST DIE!!!

  4. They are both two political frauds without the least amount of sincerity. They came across very awkward to the point that your like…these two hacks are all we got? The old senile weirdo that says things at the wrong time and the young one who looks exactly like Ernie from sesame street?


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