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herzfeldReposted: The Herzfelds are a long-time Teaneck family who are in real need. We, as a community, can help them by simply voting so they can win a specially designed van for people with disabilities.

Those of you who went to Ma’ayanot know Mrs. Herzfeld, but for those who don’t she has entered in a contest to win a ramp van. She has four children who each suffer from muscular dystrophy. They rarely travel as a family. Winning this contest would really improve their lives.

Please take a moment and vote at the following link HERE.

The following is a note from Mrs. Herzfeld:

To Whom This May Concern,

As a little girl, I expected that my life would go smoothly, happily. I expected to have a better life than my immigrant parents who came to America after their entire families were exterminated by Hitler. I expected to have a great job, husband, and kids, whom I would raise in good health. I did not expect to have four children with muscular dystrophy.

Tziporah, now 21, began falling often at 11. She was diagnosed with CMT, a type of muscular dystrophy. Currently, she can barely walk. Tzvi, 18, was the next one to start falling; his degeneration, as he is male, came quicker. He hasn’t walked for 4 years, confined to a motorized chair. Rivka, 23, called from her gap year, crying, because she had started falling too. She currently walks with a pronounced waddle, and falls frequently. Racheli, 15, started falling in first grade. She is currently confined to a motorized chair at school, and only walks at home, short distances, slowly, if my husband or I hold her hands, as one would with a toddler.

We all endure hellish struggles just to get through each day. Besides their walking/falling issues, those that still walk cannot transfer to a chair, toilet, or their own beds unassisted.They have enormous difficulty getting in and out of cars. My son, at 5’9, and about 165 pounds is the most difficult to transport because my husband and I can barely lift him in and and out of our car.

I recently went on a neighborhood outing. On a bitterly cold night, ice and snow everywhere, my son and I left simultaneously, he in his scooter, I in my car. I drove parallel to him as long as I could. When I had to turn down the next street. I cried , knowing that my son was out in the frozen night, and would be for another 20 minutes, while I, his mother, GOING TO THE SAME PLACE couldn’t take him.

We rarely travel as a family, as we cannot maneuver everyone into the van; my son rarely goes anywhere, because we can’t lift him. Medical expenses prevent us from affording a ramp-van. Winning one would improve all our lives.

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  1. There were given three choices
    a. integrated manual backup systems;
    b. bridged mechanisms; and
    c. standard hand-held control, on-lift controls and remote controls.

    Which one is the one needed by the Herzfelds?

  2. It looks like there are many contestants. If everyone wopuld take a minute to vote EACH DAY, they should be able to win. Note that the Chofetz Chaim says that one should perform an act of chesed each day. This is a very easy way to do so.

  3. Those of us who are fortunate to have healthy children and their own health need to realize how blessed we are and how important it is to help those less fortunate.

  4. To #3: The question you refer to is the bonus question that if answered correctly will give you an extra vote for the Hertzfelds. The correct answer is “C”.

  5. As of 5:30 on sunday the 10th, they have 11,747 votes. I looked at a few other people in the raffle, and the highest I saw after them was 198. Not 11,998, not even 1,998, just 198. Mi kiamcha yisroel.

  6. If so,done can create a page we where we can donate and each voter would give 5 dollars, we would raise the money needed.

  7. Why do they need to win a van? Why can’t we all chip in and buy them one? C’mon, Matzav, use your extensive connections. Work your phones. It shouldn’t take us too long to come up with the money.
    Let’s go. Set up a fund. I pledge $36. Who’s next?

  8. Why doesnt someone start one of those donation pages like a crowd funding thing. I would donate. I do not know how to do it but I will look in to it and see if I can start it up. It sounds like they could really use the van and a contest is so sketchy chances wise.

  9. Well, this was easy to set up. Go to and this is for fundraiser #260575.

    Obviously, once there is some money in the fundaiser, I will contact the Herzfeld’s (I found the home phone number on line) and arrange to send them the money. I set a goal of $50,000 which will certainly be enough to purchase a decent van.

    So, in lieu of the minimal chances of winning the contest let everyone reading this give a little something and perhaps we can raise enough to buy them a van outright!

  10. Also, I do not use “social media” at all, so if someone can put this out on facebook and the like and start the social media ball rolling that would be VERY helpful!

  11. To no. 9. That is called anecdotal evidence. We don’t know that no-one else doesn’t come close. All we know is that of the few you looked at no-one does. Keep voting!

  12. Just voted for the third time (you can vote once a day).

    if you answer the bonus question correctly (they were simple enough to figure out without knowing anything about mechanics of vans), you get two votes that day. Five votes in all, 3 days, less than five minutes. Keep it up!

  13. I chose the third option but it was incorrect. The correct answer seems to be bridging mechanisms. MK’Y on the article and the comments.


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