Volpe Pocket-Sized Car Fits Into Any New York Parking Space


volpe-pocket-sized-car1This little Italian car can squeeze into the tiniest New York City parking space.

But it’s not clear how many New Yorkers will be able to squeeze into this car.

It’s called the Volpe and it is so tiny there’s barely enough room for a briefcase – let alone a strapping American driver.

There is no headroom – it’s four feet, nine inches tall.

There is no hip room – it’s just three feet wide.

And at 772 pounds, car thieves could simply carry it off.

Also, there’s just one seat.

Still, Volpe veep Isabella Artioli said this car is perfect for city drivers.

“Volpe is for every urban dweller desiring to move around town in style, independently, without losing time in traffic and to look for a parking space,” she said.

It’s also a green dream, powered by a tiny electric motor that requires recharging.

The Volpe, which goes on sale in Europe next year, won’t blow the doors off other cars. Its top speed is just 30 mph.

Also, the $9,000 price tag is bound to give some New Yorkers pause.

By contrast, a monthly Metro Card costs $104. And even at rush hour, there’s more legroom on the subway.

{NY Daily News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I could put a motor in a Little Tykes cozy coupe and it would cost a lot less than $9000! I think I’d be more comfortable riding a bike or a motorcycle. What’s the point of a car that’s only big enough for a midget?


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