Volover Rov: Avoid Giving Hashgacha in China


volover-rovAt the recent AKO Conference, held this past Thursday in New York City, the Volover Rov warned all in attendance to avoid giving kashrus supervision in China, since even he, who only does hashgacha temidis there, has had stories of the Chinese forging hechsheirim.

There is growing interest by Chinese companies in obtaining kosher certification and the incidents of fraud, with companies claimed that they had kosher certification when they did not, are on the rise.

Rabbi Pinchos Juravel of the Kof-K reported a new finding in smaller beer companies that are sending out their barley to be smoked in local smokehouses that can also be smoking non-kosher. While it has only been discovered in a few places, it is a reminder about how diligent we need to be of the new industry trends.

{Dovid Bernstein-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Not that I am such a Tzadik- but having had experience doing business in China and getting ripped off ( and I am not the only sucker ) I personally do not anything from China!

  2. I have personally been to China a few times for Hashgocha and vowed never to go back for hashgocha. The chinese had the chutzpah to forge things in front me as if i was blind and I also caught the Chinese forging other hashgochos in a side room which was supposed to be locked but wasn’t!

    I really believe that anyone that gives hechsherim to Chinese companies when not having a rep actualkly there during production are fools because kla vchomer if they can cheat in front of you imagine what we don’t see and don’t know.

    The OU is a major player in China and I really wonder how they trust these Chinese companies with no regulations.

  3. #3 Since i know some of the ehrlich and yirei shamayim men who give hachsherim in CHina, why don’t you just ask the OU and their representatives how do they trust and what actions do they put into play to ensure emes? You may be quite surprised and full of respect for them when hearing the answer.


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