Vizhnitzer Rebbe: No Electric Bikes For Kids


The Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Bnei Brak has banned kids and teenagers from using electric bikes.

“Lately, people have come to me with kvittels for children, bochurim and all kinds of people who have been suffered very severe injuries from the gadget known as an [electric] bicycle,” he said. “…Therefore, I have decided that the gadget will be completely forbidden and no boy, girl or bochur, even old bochurim, should dare ride one.”

The Sadigura Rebbe also spoke about the danger of electric bicycles and asked his followers to avoid using them altogether.

Following a number of accidents, some of them fatal, the Knesset has initiated legislation which would limit the use of electric bikes to people of sixteen and above. A Tel Aviv bylaw outlaws the use of electric bikes on sidewalks.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Cars are also dangerous…Forget that, regular bikes are also dangerous! Ride safely, ride in the appropriate places, always wear a helmet.

  2. Is this about electric bicycles, or motorbikes, scooters….? They are not all the same.

    Let us have some clarity on what it means exactly.

  3. David: obviously you didn’t read the article. Who in their right mind would allow kids to drive a car? Also, these bikes are smaller than cars, quieter than cars and just as dangerous

  4. This is Moronic to ban electric bikes, just drive carefully & wear a helmet & watch where your going, it’s very simple, just like riding a regular bike, no need to ban it, ty

  5. a) why would a kid be “riding” an electric bike to start with – a bike is for sport, not sitting back while it take you somewhere. They should get the exercise of a regular pedal bike.
    b) I dont know any specifics of the injuries in these cases, but I presume that electric bike is silent – similar to electric car, no one can hear it coming, and will travel much faster than a regular bike. Just as there are many incidents of adults being injured while riding on the road, I guess there will be more children being injured if they ride an electric bike on the road (not sidewalk or bike track).
    They should all have a refua sheleima.

  6. Electric bike equals no pedaling! Gevald people think deeper. The rebbe has our best interest at heart. Visit him on Thursday night and be overwhelmed with the tish .Rebbe knows best! This gezayro will save 10’s of thousands lives in this world and beyond.

  7. I’m no chusid but one thing is for sure, compared to the rebbe you naysayers don’t even come up to dog excrement on the sidewalk. The rebbe is talking to HIS chasidim, something which you are not so it’s not for you.

    I’ve seen how people ride those things. They ride like cowboys. You chachumim think you have all the answers but you don’t.

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