Vizhnitzer Rebbe Has Harsh Words for Those Who Run Out to Buy Chometz


On Friday night, the Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Bnei Brak, Rav Yisroel Hager, had a strong message for those Jews who, upon the conclusion of the Yom Tov of Pesach, immediately run out to stores to buy chometz, patronizing bakeries and other stores selling leavened products.

“There are those who run at the zeman to eat chometz,” he said. “This is not proper for chassidim or bnei Torah…”

The rebbe described those who push or shove others in order to get hold of chometzdike items right away, displaying a lack of mentchlichkeit.

Chag haPesach represents the breaking of one’s desires,” he added. “I have heard that in recent years, there’s a race to the get the first taste of chometz. People go out of their way, forgetting everything else and losing their humanity.”

David Steger – Israel


  1. Tatte in Himmel look at your amazing children! they burn with an intense desire for Chometz but they don’t eat it for 8 days because that is Your Will.
    Their running out for chometz when it is allowed shows how hard that week was and now its even more precious to You.

    this is a positive aspect of yiddishkeit and we dont need it made into a negative.
    there are 365 negative commandments lets not be Oiver on bal tosif and make it 366

    • are you for real…they are showing how hard the mitzvah was?! c’v . the mitzvah was very easy……..besides bread, everything else was available pesach…for children you had all kinds of nosh, for those who are not particular. for adults, real adults not just age, we don’t need all taivos.. yes, running out to grab chometz you show c’v it was an ‘oyil’. but actally the limud zecus is, mom is busy packing away, which is a big job like she also washes everything again before putting away…children are hungry so the easiest is going out for pizza etc etc that’s what I know its all about. so its all in the ‘kavoneh’

  2. Acting like animals is wrong…But the Torah only ossured it for 7 days! And in this case (in Israel) they already abstained for whole other day!

  3. U bet….my goodness to see tge lines for pizza ..cakes bagels…..cant control their desires for a second! Definitely shows something about the character of these people…
    Weak, is an understatement! .

  4. On the contrary, the Gra and the Baal HaTanya bought whiskey from a goy for havdala to show that they only refrained from chametz because of the mitzva.

  5. the Vilna Gaon was known to be makpid to make Havdalla Motzei Pesach on beer. He held its a Mitzva to have chometz right away on Motzei Pesach.
    It’s a Targum Yonason Ben Uziel (Shemos 12,18)that learns it out as a Mitzva “D’ORAYSA” to eat chometz RIGHT AWAY ON MOTZEI PESACH!

  6. The Gra made havdalah on beer not to show that he only refrained from chametz because of the mitzva. Rather showing that the chmametz which was assur until now is mutar just like on Motzei shabbos we lite a candle

  7. read the haggada . Why is tonight different. Etc. People have a right to do what they want once yuntiff is over.

  8. Interesting comments, so much that I cant argue on any of them,,,,

    yes the Baal Hatanya the Gra made Havdala not only on Chometz but insisted it should be chometz, such as in other mitzvoz, as Shabbos, we light a Havdalah Licht to show the differentiation of Shabbos and Chol.

    However, I don’t think the Admur’s intentions were just some Chometz, I feel (without being there or hearing his words) was the Tai’va the materialistic desires of Gashmius,,,

    Yes. the pushing the excitement in Pizza or Bagel stores. is ridiculous and plainly a chillul hashem, its as if they havent eaten (anything) in weeks

  9. Pesach is also about Simcha on Yom Tov. The pitfall is that some “fast” on the last day from mid-day on in order to eat Chametz BaTei-a-von that night, and when Yom Tov ends it is like the end of a fast to them.

  10. Just a hope that I can eat my chometz after passover. I waited until sun down and then I put a bagel in the toaster oven. I am quite sure it was a blessing.

    If anyone tells me that a jew is a weakling for waiting until passover is over to have chometz or pizza, When is he supposed to have his future pizza? 10 days into Shavuous?

    Care to have a bagel in peace today? I will.


  11. Lately, I find that I don’t have a strong desire for chametz after Pesach. It isn’t because I’m a tzadik. I eat well on Pesach, better than I do the rest of the year.

    The matzah that I eat, which is either shmurah or whole wheat machine matzah, is tasty. And I eat lots of other delicious foods that make up for the lack of bread. I even had some excellent Pesach cakes this year that I would enjoy even if it weren’t Pesach.

    The difficulty that I feel on Pesach isn’t the lack of tasty food. It’s the sense of confinement and restriction. Once Pesach is over, that feeling disappears and I don’t have the need to run out for chametz.

    This is actually disappointing in a way, because it’s fun to enjoy a special treat now and then. Certainly, I enjoy eating after Y”K (and Tisha B’av) more than I do after Pesach.

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