Vizhnitzer Rebbe Bnai Brak: Klal Yisrael Needs My Feter. He Needs Your Tefillos


During the Melave Malke dvar torah this week, Rebbe Yisrael Vizhnitzer called on his chassidim to invest their energies into davening for the Admor of Vishnitz Monsey, whose health has deteriorated in recent days.

The Rebbe, whose attitude towards his venerated uncle has always been like talmid bifnei rabbo, made it clear that the tefillos are to continue nonstop.

“Boruch Hashem, our dor is zoche to have the Rebbe of Monsey amongst us,” the Rebbe said. “Our generation is in a very difficult matzav and all the Rebbe’s talmidim should do everything they can to keep him with us longer.”



  1. We are being asked to be Mispallel for the Vizhnitzer Rebbe, Sh’lita, in Monsey; so, please, what is his name???


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