Violence Breaks Out On Har Habayis


Five Muslims were arrested today in the Har Habayis compound after they tried to forcibly enter the closed Shaar HaRachamim compound.

“A short while ago on the Har Habayis, a number of worshipers tried to forcibly enter the entrance of the Shaar HaRachamim compound, closed according to a court order,” the police said.

“A police force in the area prevented their entrance and arrested five suspects for questioning. Visits to the Har Habayis continue as usual.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Test the rule. Ask of Hashem to visit the kollel with good men. We will get our beg turn prayer. Dome of Rock with bad days. It is drum bid by the enemy.

    Yes we can.

  2. Tug of idiots. Greatness is repeated. You might need to grind out the changing day. I think you forgot to name Israel your brother.

    Be greater. Fix your toiveling. My kosher is not your goat.

    • Ismael is known for their hospitality. That doesn’t mean my tomatoes and lettuce mix should be taken off my egg sandwich. The bricks of the wall will speak for itself. No need to violate it by stuffing papers in its cracks. Respect the tradition of Semites.


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