VINTAGE FOOTAGE: BMG Beren Building Dedication in 1960s


Footage of a ceremony in the 1960s marking the opening of a new Beren Bais Medrash at Bais Medrash Govoah in Lakewood, NJ, with Rav Shneur Kotler zt”l and Rav Nosson Wachtfogel zt”l, was just released.



  1. Is there any version of a video that I can watch this? I just joined Machaneh Kodesh this morning and can’t access these anymore.

  2. Can anyone identify anyone besides rav schneur Ztl and rav Nosson ztl and what time in the video they appear?

  3. Are you sure this was the dedication of the Beren building ?Most of the footage seems like a Pirchei gathering that took place in BMG. There is famous footage of the dedication event with Rav Moshe , Rav Yaakov, The Kapishentzer Rebbe etc in attendance. That footage doesn’t look at all like it took place at this event.

    • The video shows the Torahs being removed from the old location on Forest Avenue and danced through the streets. It also shows the shelves of the new BM still mostly empty of books. Perhaps there was a groundbreaking ceremony earlier?

  4. Are you sure it was in the 1960s? The flag there is the 48 star flag, which was in use until 1959, when Alaska became the 49th state (followed by Hawaii a year later).

  5. There was Beren family in Denver back in the 1960’s is there a connection? Zev Danny Johnathan Shia David Beren. Wonderful family who rebuildt toyra after the war. Any one know?
    The sound quality was not good I turned on my Bluetooth speaker but I can’t follow the sequences.
    I remember a rabbi feldberger too. Please let me know.

  6. Who are all those children/teenagers? From the Day School? The Cheder was not yet started at the time the video was taken. The few Kollel Yungerliet that they had at that time, did not have children that old yet.

    • Banner says “Betzalel”..It is well known that Rev Shneuer sent his own children to Betzalel before there was a cheder. We see in this video that using the inauguration as a chinuch moment was “front and center” on the minds of the hanhala! American Judaism was smaller and thrived on the occasions to come together and rally…

  7. There are also kids from Yeshiva Sharei Zedek (of Edgemere?), as well as Yeshiva Toras Emes of Borough Park. At 16:14-16:16 one can see Toras Emes banners with the slogan of longtime menahel R. Elias Schwartz z”l exhorting to be a twenty four hour Torah Jew.

    Also visible are banners for Yeshiva Etz Chaim (of Borough Park it seems) and others.

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