Videos, Photos: Protests In Yerushalayim



  1. This is the same israeli secular atheistic police and government the last 70 years. They know how to attack Yeshiva boys and Orthodox Jews. The more I see this the more I am agreeing with Neturei Karta even though I’m a flatbush yid. This stuff was going on even in the early seventies as israeli hospitals did forced autopsies on jewish dead. Bodies of frum Jews were cut up to shreds. Pictures of this were smuggled out and plastered all over Boro park and manhattan subways as well. The Israelis government kept sending its agents to beg the satmar Rebbe rabbi yoel Teitelbaum ztl to cancel his protest rally’s. Some things never change. Once mosshiach comes all the atheistic colleges will become yeshivas. And we Orthodox Jews will be riding the tall horses.

  2. A KIDDUSH HASHEM!!! Baruch hashem the bnei torah in eretz yisroel are actually keeping strong, even after the great lose of the sudden passing the rabban shel yisroel, sar hatorah vhayirah gaon hagaonim kodesh hakadoshim MARAN ROSH HAYESHIVA, HARAV SHMUEL AUERBACH ZY”A, who called for these protest saying that its the ONLY WAY to STOP the goverment from activating the TERRIBLE DRAFT LAW bachurim as by the giyus banos law was stoped by protesting in the streets.
    some of the greatest gedolim of oue generation including: MARAN POSEK HADOR, HARAV AZRIEL AUERBACH SHLIT”A, rav of bayit vagan, and MARAN SAR HATORAH, HARAV BARUCH SHMUEL HAKOHIN DEUITCH SHLIT”A, rosh yeshivas kol torah called for everyone to attend these protests.

  3. Also the elder gadol hador hagaon hakadosh rav yisroel yitzchok kalmanawitz shlit”a, said that its a “gzayras shmad” and everyone is to participat in the protests, to stop the draft law.

    The yeshiva bachurim are standing up for there rights, to stay yeshiva bachurim and continuing learning in yeshiva, instead of joining the terrible army! The ziknei haddor are behind these protest saying that we need to continue the holy fight against the terrible gezayrosthat maran RAV SHMUEL AUERBACH ZY”A started, just to name a few of the gedolim who are behind the protest:
    MARAN RAV BARUCH SHMUEL DEUTCH SHLIT”A rosh yeshivas kol torah
    MARAN RAV MOSHE SHTERENBUCH SHLIT”A rosh beis din of the eida
    MARAN RAV SHMUEL MARKOWTZ SHLIT””A rosh yeshivas ponoviz
    MARAN RAV OSHER DUEITCH SHLIT”A rosh yeshivas ponoviz
    MARAN RAV AZRIEL AUERBACH SHLIT”A rov of bayit vagan
    MARAN RAV YEHOSHUA ERENBURG SHLIT”A rosh yeshivas kneses yizchok in chadera
    MARAN RAV ELIEZER DUNER SHLIT”A rov of shaires yisroel
    And many other geolim are all calling for everyone to protest!!

  5. They have right to protest,
    but blocking traffic and cause other people to loose time, suffering financial lose and cause agmas nefesh to people who have nothing to do with decisions government does, and make people hate frum world – is that a Kidush Ashem ?

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