VIDEOS, PHOTOS: Building in Flatbush Collapses After Being Hit by Fleeing Drive


Monday evening, a building located at the corner of Avenue P and East 5th Street in Flatbush, Brooklyn, collapsed after a vehicle slammed into it.

The driver fled the scene, but was corralled a few blocks away by Flatbush Shomrim volunteers.

Numerous emergency personnel were at the scene, though, thankfully, no injuries were reported.



  1. Something is not adding up. Why should an entire building collapse because a car ran into it??? That’s impossible. Unless there was some foul play which they’re not informing us about. This is almost as absurd as some alleged jumbo airplane travelling at 700 miles per hour, at ground level, making a small hole in the Pentagon on 9/11, and having a “fire” break out in a different part of the building.


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