Videos: London Traffic Warden Deliberately Drives Over Hatzolah Member’s Foot, Chaos Ensues



  1. Ma yomru haumos.
    We may be technically correct but this makes us look horrible.
    Gedolim always encouraged yidden to stay low in galus.
    We are way to comfortable. Zug tehilim.

  2. Of coarse the Yid was in the right and did nothing to antagonize the Warden. After all it was sheer anti semitism. But naturally the other part of the story was not reported. As Donald Trump woukd say, you are fake news.

  3. Very confusing video. I can’t make out heads or tails of what happened and what’s going on. Who’s the good guys & who’s the bad guys.

    • So if someone drives into you you can’t protect yourself and fight back?
      This is common in England there is open anti Semitism and the Jewish community have always tried to stand up and fight back when needed. As Jews have done throughout our history.

  4. Don’t know what happened, but it warms my heart to see Yiden working together as a group. True achdus and ahavas Yisroel. All those who demand a subjugated attitude, can whine and moan and stick their heads in the toilet. Under no circumstances will they bother learning the proper rules of interaction with goyim from Tanach, maamorey Chazal, or Rambam – instead they’ll simplify everything into some made up notion of Yiden being a punching bag – preferably some other Yid being a punching bag, not them – these people are not even a kind of pacifists, they simply don’t care about other Yiden, hence “let them take goyishe abuse quietly” attitude.


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