Videos: How the IDF Intercepted Iranian Shipment of Missiles to Terrorist Organizations in Gaza


iran-weapons-shipment-path-idfThe IDF intercepted an attempt to smuggle an Iranian shipment of advanced weaponry intended for terrorist organizations operating in the Gaza Strip. The operation took place in the early hours this morning.

The operation was made possible due to the combination of in-depth intelligence and enhanced operational capabilities. This shipment was meant to reach the hands of terrorist organizations in Gaza that are waging an ongoing armed conflict against Israel. These terrorist organizations systematically use such weaponry against the Israeli civilian population.

Last night, following extensive preparations, and on the government’s authorization, the IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, ordered the Israel Navy to intercept the KLOS-C, upon which the illicit arms were concealed in between commercial cargo.

IDF special naval forces boarded the vessel, in accordance with international law, and carried out a preliminary inspection of the cargo.

They discovered numerous advanced weapons during the inspection, including M-302 surface-to-surface missiles, which are capable of reaching any point in Israel, including major population centers Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. If Palestinian terrorist organizations had gotten their hands on these weapons, they would have been able to use them to threaten millions of Israeli civilians.

The Navy is currently sailing together with the cargo ship back to Israeli shores.

“The IDF will continue to operate against the Iranian attempts to arm regional terrorist organizations, who intend to continuously ignite our borders,” said IDF Spokesman, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner. “We will continue to employ all the necessary means in order to prevent the armament of terrorist organizations and will combat the Iranian smuggling attempts that threaten the security and sovereignty of the State of Israel.”

To understand where the weaponry came from and for whom it was intended, watch this video. Watch more here and here.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. all these frum websites are funny. they trumpet any major IDF accomplishment as a wonderful victory that saved many lives, and then fire up the masses to rally against actually “G-d forbid” joining the IDF ranks.

  2. Israel needs to send thank you to Iran for shipment of free missles. Maybe Israel can order some tanks,planes and warships.

  3. #1-
    I could not agree with you more.
    I am also somewhat amazed that your comment was posted.
    This web site is amongst the worst in printing anything that does not toe the line in their thinking. This web site makes Pravda look like an open forum.
    A true dialouge is an impossibility when censorship exist.

  4. #1 you must be so smart! But I will explain it for you.
    We love those that protect Yidden, and we thank them greatly.
    However we don’t want them to pull Yeshiva students out of Yeshiva because they are learning.
    The Chofetz Chaim, when attending a session to build a hospital said that he was going to donate 150 beds. They asked him how he was able to donate such a vast sum of money. He said that I have Bochurim learning in Yeshiva and in that Zechus, many people will not need to go to the hospital.
    At the moment and for the much foreseeable future, there is a strong and capable army caring for the Yidden in EY. In fact it is overful that they are cutting large areas out of the army.
    We are very greatful to have a group of poeople who are protecting their fellow Jews, and we take pride in their actions and love for E”Y and all Jews.
    However because they are doing their job, that leaves the vast majority of people to do their jobs (same as in all countries where the army is made up of a small percentage of people to protect the many)
    Since the Yeshiva students are not needed in the army, there is absolutely no need for them to leave Yeshiva.
    The concept of share the burden is flawed because already 1/3 of all Jewish Israelis (not to mention the 1.5 million Arabs who are citizens of Israel, receive all the benefits of living in Israel but don’t serve in the military)
    do not serve in the army. Additionally some are in combat and some in intelligence, meaning some are risking their lives and some are programming computers from their bedroom. Hardly ‘equal burden’!!


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