Video, Photos: Yidden in Trenton Protest Toeivah Marriage


toeivah-rally-trenton[Video and photos below.] As the modern day Yevanim and Misyavnim try to promote Greek culture in New York and New Jersey, a group of Lakewood residents and Yidden from other communities embarked this morning on a trip to Trenton, NJ, to hold a prayer rally and address a press conference, making clear their opposition to the redefinition of marriage. With New Jersey legislators meeting at the Statehouse in the Garden State Capitol, these Yidden joined to protest toeivah marriage and encourage lawmakers to prevent the matter from being brought up for a vote in the NJ legislature.

 “On Monday in the Judiciary Committee, we’re going to vote on marriage equality,” New Jersey state Senator Ray Lesniak told a crowd of over 650 toeivah marriage supporters who had gathered at the Statehouse today.

Lesniak said he believed the measure would be approved by the committee and reach the Senate floor by Thursday, December 10.

“And God be willing, we’ll have 21 votes,” he said.

Lawmakers are being pressured to approve a toeivah marriage bill before Governor-elect Chris Christie, a toeivah marriage opponent, takes office in mid-January.

But enthusiasm to hold the vote is on the wane after Maine voters “vetoed” a toeivah marriage law approved by lawmakers in the spring and senators in New York overwhelmingly rejected a similar measure yesterday.

The defeat of Governor Jon Corzine is also seen as a referendum on toeivah marriage. Corzine promised to sign the bill, while Christie supports amending the New Jersey constitution to ban toeivah marriage.

Canceling the vote, however, would come with dire consequences, supporters warned.

“If Democrats in New Jersey don’t lead the way, as they promised, to pass marriage equality in 2009, there could be a mutiny against the New Jersey Democratic Party the likes of which this state has never seen,” Steven Goldstein, CEO of Garden State Equality, the state’s largest toeivah rights advocate, told the AP after Wednesday’s toeivah marriage defeat in New York.

Click below for brief video clips of press conference yesterday in Trenton:

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See below for photos:

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  1. Now that we are so concerened that the Non-Jews should do the will of G-D, we are realizing that they too are the children of G-D.

    We now must start an urgent campain to educate ourselves and our children, to care, and worry about the well-being, health, wealth and happiness of all Non-Yidden; they too are the children of G-D.

    Then we will merit, that HKB”H will never ever again instill haterd into the Umos, against us.

  2. With few exceptions it appears that
    the Democrat Party has become the primary
    against traditional family values.

    The Democrat Party has become the political home for sodomy supporters.

    This doesn’t mean that all Republicans
    are “tsadikkim.” But when Republicans return
    to their conservative roots, they are more
    reliable than their Democrat opponents.

    Regarding same-gender unions, the
    liberals and socialists in the Democrat
    Party are promoting a Sodom and Gemorrah

    May HaShem assist all those
    who are fighting the wicked.


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