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Momentum is building as Yeshiva Shaarei Torah of Monsey prepares to host its Expansion Dinner at the The Atrium on March 26th.  With friends of the yeshiva, the parent body and alumni expected to turn out en masse, the evening promises to be a warm show of support for a Torah institution that has contributed so much to the community and the olam hayeshivos.

The Expansion Dinner is an opportunity to celebrate the yeshiva’s achievements over its forty two year history of harbotzas hatorah, while planning for the future.  The ‘Expansion Dinner’ description was chosen in honor of the yeshiva’s latest endeavor.  Plans are well under way for the inaugural Ellul zman of the yeshiva’s First Year Bais Medrash program, to be led by Rav Tzvi Weinberg, an accomplished alumnus of Shaarei Torah, currently learning in Beth Medrash Govoha.   

Harav Asher Weiss, the yeshiva’s Rosh Bais Medrash is the recipient of the Nezer Hatorah award.  Rav Asher has played a pivotal role in the unprecedented success of Shaarei Torah’s bais medrash. With a combination of gadlus b’torah and his signature warmth, it is no wonder that hundreds of talmidim have flocked to learn under Rav Asher’s tutelage.

As the Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Mordechai Wolmark, exhorted in a recent address to the talmidim, “We all know the extent of Rav Asher’s mesiras nefesh for his talmidim, this is a special opportunity for the talmidim, alumni and their families to show their hakaras hatov.”

Indeed, the outpouring of gratitude has been so overwhelming that all the ads placed in honor of Rav Asher will be reprinted in a separate, leather-bound Kavod Hatorah Tribute Book, which will be presented to Rav Asher at the Dinner.  

Mr. & Mrs. Abe Katz, the Guests of Honor at this year’s Expansion Dinner, are the proud parents of Meyer, an eleventh grade talmid at Shaarei Torah.  The Yeshiva is grateful for the opportunity to acknowledge a couple whose devotion to tzarchei tzibbur knows no bounds.  Mr. & Mrs. Katz are renowned throughout Monsey for their proactive involvement in community chesed campaigns, shul projects and their children’s schools.  Although the Katzes generally shun recognition, the community is happy for this occasion to show its gratitude.  

The avreichim of Shaarei Torah’s Kollel Zichron Zev may live throughout Monsey’s far flung neighborhoods, but these young families whose lives are dedicated to Torah have had a great impact on the ruach of the community.  Rabbi & Mrs. Avrohom Anteby, exemplary members of the yeshiva’s kollel, have been chosen to receive this year’s Harav Nosson Tzvi Finkel Legacy Award.  With his hasmadah, and ever-present simchas hachaim, Reb Avrohom has been an integral part of the kollel and truly embodies the ideals of Rav Nosson Tzvi ztz”l.  

In a senior class of outstanding Talmidim it was difficult to choose one Talmid as the recipient of this year’s Talmid of the Year Award.  Throughout his years in Shaarei Torah’s Mesivta, Binyamin Larner consistently distinguished himself and set an example for his peers. With a maturity beyond his years, Binyamin set goals and applied himself to his learning, thus earning this award.  

With the ad deadline and Dinner approaching, ads and reservations can be conveniently placed by calling the Yeshiva office at (845) 352-3431 or through the yeshiva’s website at  

A Shaarei Torah Dinner often feels more like a family gathering, as rebbeim and talmidim catch up, and old friends reconnect.  The hanhala is looking forward to an enjoyable and exciting evening.  

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