Video: Yarmulke-Wearing Edon Pinchot Gets Standing Ovation on America’s Got Talent


edon-pinchot[Video below,] Edon Pinchot, the young Jewish boy who has made a name for himself on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, received a wealth of support during his most recent performance in the $1 million competition, following his rendition of a song.

After the 14 year old Pinchot – who wears a yarmulke on his head – was done with his performance earlier this week, the crowd gave a standing ovation and the program’s 3 judges all voiced their support for him.

“You hit every single note,” one judge said.

This is the second consecutive time Pinchot has hit the marks, following his rendition last week  which propelled him into the finals round.

“Did you get a standing ovation at your bar mitzvah?” a second judge asked Pinchot following his most recent performance.

“Nothing like this,” Pinchot replied.

The judge then told the 14 year old, “Jew are terrific.”

To watch a video of Pinchot’s most recent performance, click below:

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  1. We’re very proud of this young man. May he continuing growing up as a proud Yid and becoming a true ben Torah iy”H.

  2. let the naysayers start talking, but this kid is a walking kiddush hashem. he acts humbles and kind while presenting a proud public display of a frum jew. PS. he also sang in Shalsheles Junior

  3. Why exactly is this a walking kiddush Hashem? Why should our innocent youth be inspired to go on National Television in front of the lowest of the lowest to try and make a good impression on them? Where have we gone wrong , that segmants of Klal Yisrael get carried away when a frum kid seeks stardom in the secular world? We are a nation that is supposed to be seperated from the popular culture, its that simple. We say atoh bechartanu mikol ha amim, how does this defrentiate us from them? It was a mere 100 years ago, when German Jews attempted to assimilate with the German culture. They joined the arts, music and politics. Look where it got them. Bleieve me, this is terrible for us. Lets get carried away with kids serving the Ribonei Shel Oilam the Torahdige way, not the tumaghdige way!!!!!

  4. The article Title should be:
    TRAGEDY: Yarmulke-Wearing………..
    It’s a great tragedy when we mix with Goyim in any sort of way other from when it’s of utmost necessity (business etc.)
    We don’t need publicity or their compliments.
    If we want to make a Kidush Hashem then just be humble & act like a Mentch when you go into a Bank & do any type of business with Goyim.

  5. I criticized matzav for posting the video, i guess there is no freedom of speech here, as they were scared to post it.

  6. What’s ironic is that this article was posted right before the article, “Voss Zogt Gott.”

    This is not something that Hashem would approve of a Jew doing, even if he looks good in front of Goyim.

  7. Kidush Hashem is when one does what Hashem wants. If one does what Hashem doesn’t want it’s a Chilul Hashem. Hashem doesn’t want us mixing & trying to emulate the Goyim.

  8. #18, if you are indeed a 15 year old, you have a lot of learning to do in Yeshiva to grasp what a real kiddush Hashem is.

  9. Everyone just leave the kid alone. All of this vilifying is terrible – especially when it is directed at a fourteen year old boy!

    At this point, he’s already on the show – and whether or not we condone it is irrelevant. The LEAST we can do is support him as a fellow Yid.

  10. Why does what this boy is doing have to be labelled either a kiddush Hashem or a chilul Hashem. Why can’t it just be seen as a talented 14 year old Jewish boy participating in a competition on television while continuing to remain true to his faith by wearing a kippah. I don’t presume to know with certainty exactly what Hashem wants from us; however, I’m pretty sure that He’s not crazy about us debating against each other over the internet about whether this boy is exhibiting kiddush Hashem or chilul Hashem.

  11. 1)Matzav posted it, probably because it IS of interst

    2)To all the negative posters: I think you are MISSING the boat!!!!!

    Yes perhaps this is not the most yiddishe zach, and “AGT” might be a jewish/torahdike ideal. BUT the FACT is that this kid IS in that world(as are many other jews like him). The fact that so many jews are so connected to the secular world is a SEPERATE issue. AFTER the FACT that he is in it, the way he carries himself publicly as a yid is amazing

  12. My only question is why are all of you bashing him, saying that what he is doing is a chilul Hashem. Who decides whose aveiros, and chilul Hashem is worse, so you might stal in business, and he might be on TV, so you are are all complaining about what you call his so called “sins”, all you are doing is picking which aveiros are better or worse. GROW UP….HE IS AMAZING!!!

  13. I happen to know Edon personally, and he is one of the sweetest boys ever. I go to school with him, and he is brilliant, funny, and also very kind and respectful to everybody.
    Personally, I hate reality television, and despise AGT, but I am happy for my classmate and wish him luck.
    Also, to those of you who think it’s bad that he is on a secular show, while I understand your concerns, and it is true that incorporating into society has not always been the best for us, I do not see why it is any better to completely shelter ourselves from the world around us. Everyone has to interact with people at some point, why not do it sooner rather than later? Besides, if we live entirely separate from them, how are they going to be able to differentiate between real Jewish values and stupid stereotypes?Instead of avoiding goyim, we should be sharing our values WITH them and setting an example, which is what I think is the ultimate kiddush Hashem.
    I admit, I certainly do not know everything. I’m hardly fourteen after all, but I think it is wonderful what Edon is doing and whether I like the show and its values or not is irrelevant. I am going to vote for him because he is my friend, and I am proud of what he is doing. It takes a lot of courage to wear a kippa on live television in front of thousands of people and act like its no big deal. If you guys don’t like what he is doing, then don’t watch the show.


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