Video: What Are Palestinian Terrorists Thinking?


By Pierre Rehov

The Palestinian Authority is spending a great part of its budget to give stipends to terrorists jailed in Israel. The more Jews they kill, the more money they get. Here are some of the people who receive a monthly salary for having organized a suicide killing, tried to blow themselves up, or even succeeded and survived. Listen to them. I conducted the interviews and translations are accurate.

Below are the interviews I did with Palestinians who tried to blow themselves up in terrorist attacks, or even succeeded and survived.

Some quotes:

“I will not feel sorry for any Israeli child, and I will not regret even if it is a nursery full of kids. It is enough that I will be a martyr and I will go in front of God representing my family – 70 people, my wife, my children, my sisters and all my friends – 70 people will go to Paradise on my merit. This is a big honor for me.”

“It is written in the Koran: when a martyr blows himself up it’s beautiful, it feels so good, he doesn’t feel any pain, only pleasure.”

“Those who blow themselves up get a good bonus from God… When I put on a belt I was not afraid, on the contrary. I was excited. I felt I was the most powerful person on earth.”
“I advise my fighting brothers to continue killing the Jews to the last one.”

{ Israel}


  1. Rude awakening these animals have the moment after they press the button, huh? Living and dying for a “paradise” (which, to a Jew, sounds very much like the worst hell) only to find that the moment after committing the senseless and barbarian act of killing innocent men, women, and children, they spend eternity in the lowest pits of hell – tortured for eternity for daring to send their hand’s against God’s people. May their name be obliterated from upon the earth.


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