Video: Understanding the Clock Change and Its Impact On Halacha


rabbi-dovid-heber[Video below.] Rabbis Zvi Goldberg and Dovid Heber discuss daylight savings time and how it impacts davening times, Shabbos, Pesach, Taanis Esther 2017, and more

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  1. Where in Halacha (Shas Uposkim) is there a Mkor that we are not obligated to follow the Time-zone of Eretz Yisroel, in regards to when Shabbos starts and ends. Or regarding when to Lein Krias Shmea shel Shachris.
    The Chidoh writes clearly that the RBSh”O follows the time-zone of E”Y for His keeping of Shabbos.
    People in my Shul are looking all over Shaas for a Mkor.

  2. The people in your shul don’t have to look beyond Berachos Daf Bais: Krias Shema is a pasuk in the Torah: U’v’shochb’cho U’v’kumecho, defined by Chazal as night and day as determined by the sun’s rising and setting. Shabbos, too, is a pasuk: V’Yhi Erev V’Yhi Voker. Erev & Boker are also defined by the sun’s cycle.

    Why would you think it has anything to do with “absolute” time in EY? Hashem can use that time for His shemiras Shabbos. What would obligate someone in another part of the world to follow that time?

  3. Who is talking about Absolute time? Why dont we follow the Shkias Hachamo of E”Y, or the the Sun-rise in E”Y? How can we continue keeping Yom Kippur after HKB”H already did Ne’eilas Sh’orim based on His time-keeping.

    Again, where is there a M’kor that one may use the time-zone of his particular country?


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