Video: Tzeilimer Rov at J&J and Mehadrin


tzeilimer rovThe following is a video of the Tzeilimer Rov during a recent visit to the dairy factories of J&J and Mehadrin, whose products are under his kashrus supervision. To watch, click below:




{ Newscenter/Video courtesy of Yiddishe Tegliche Nayis}


  1. I have always wondered, why the Tzeilim Rov uses the name Tzeilim as his title. I do understand that there was a town named Tzeilim in Hungary and that is where his family originated from. But the word Tzeilim translates into “cross” and that is everything contrary to our religion so why have that name attached to a Jewish Rabbi?

  2. What about “a person is formed in the ???…..?
    The Tzeilemer Ruv has his experts that monitor the productions under the Arugas Haboisim Hashgocha.

  3. A person is formed in Tzelem elokim, meaning the image of Hashem. But the name the Tzelem Rov is derived from the town where his origins are from and that name corresponds to a cross. This is nothing against him personally, I just dont see why he has to attach that name which what it represents has caused millions to die over the centuries.

  4. rav once met up with prevois lubavitcher rebbe and thai said he will take care with hashgucha and the rebbe will take care of chinuch


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