Videos: Turner and Weprin Debate


turner-weprin[Videos below.] Last night, Inside City Hall’s Errol Louis moderated a debate between Republican Bob Turner and Democrat David Weprin, the candidates battling in the special election for the 9th congressional district that includes Brooklyn and Queens and which was the former seat of Anthony Weiner. presents the full video of the debate in three segments.

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Video 1:

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Video 2:

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Video 3:

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  1. I do not like Turner. I do not like Bob one bit. Why? Because he started and helped keep running the Jerry Springer (ymach shmo) show. He ignored calls for regulation for the sake of decency. We can all agree that that is inexcusable.

    However, we need to vote for the lesser of two evils. Turner stood in front of the N.Y. Assembly saying as an orthodox Jew he is voting for same gender rights!

    Please Please do not vote for him! Let us send a message loud and clear that Orthodoxy does not support toeivah! How can we do less?

  2. Weprin is terrible for Israel.Just last week he was asked by a reporter if he would support Obamas reelection and he said yes.He is a democrat first and a Jew second. I cant wait to vote Turner this tuesday as I am in the district. When Turner wins,Obama and his democratic cohorts will get pretty nervous of things to come. If you are a good Jew you must vote Turner.

  3. is he? what about the USA i will always take a non jew over a liberal that supports Hussein Obama and his policies as welprin has stated on many occassions

    sorry he is going down to defeat

  4. #8 and you base this on what facts higher taxes, refusal to give tax credits to yeshiva school parents, his declared statement that he will back obama on ALL issues and re-election, or perhaps his voting for same gender marriage which he defended then changed his mind that backs it again
    sorry beast you are either an idiot or not to bright
    or perhaps freidman spokes man a dead person is better then this man
    besides dos torah just said no to him

  5. the jewish press has endorsed welprin as has the 5 towns rage
    he is trailing by either 6 or 9 per cent with millions od democratic money and hundreds of obama supporters canvasing the 9th

  6. Mr Weprin is a true democrat; seemingly taking after such a good role model like our esteemed Mr Obama- all fluff and no substance while blaming the republicans for all of the problems.

  7. I think Turner is going to win big especially among us frum Yidden. Here in Flatbush I see sighns for Turner and more and more heimisher yidden are becoming energized to go vote for Turner in light of the marriage issue as well as Obamas anti Israel pressure. Turner will win big.

  8. this comment was on a Youtube video of Weprin’s “I’m a Orthodox Jew” speach

    “See? If 2 men are both orthodox Jews, there is no reason they should not be married. The 2 men can become one flesh, just exactly like it says in the book of Genesis. They are exactly the same as husband and wife! Thank you!?
    DainBramaged00 2 hours ago”

  9. Bnei Torah all agree that we have a chiyuv to vote for Bob Turner. The shaila is, will the oilam go out and vote or will they just blog away & do nothing!


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