Videos: Toms River Mayor, With Female Rabbi, Discusses “Invasion” of Jews


Toms River Mayor Tom Kelaher addressed some recent controversy over comments regarding a no-knock ordinance that will soon go into effect.


{ Newscenter}


  1. Liberal Jews have a lot to lose if/ when they become theminority of Jews in Tom’s River. The liberal “clergy” won’t help,but there might be a chance to work with their congregants

  2. why you call them liberal jews. just say they are jews who don’t believe in what Judaism is eg: g-d gave the oral and written torah on mount sini. anyone who doesn’t believe this is not practicing jewdaism and the tractate sanheddrin lables them hretics

  3. This is what we all need to be very aware of – there is a terrible rift among the self-hating liberal Jews against observant Jews that is causing far-reaching problems. Unfortunately, liberal Jews are in high places in governmental positions and are doing everything possible to persecute, prosecute and supress observant Jews. History is repeating itself, once again.

    • its not ‘repeating’ its self. its been this way continuously since we became ‘am yisroel’ at har sini. Starting with ‘eiruv rav’….tzedokim, baysusim, oiso ish,all the way to the latest called ‘OO’

  4. The mayor is making a very valid argument. Why should we as a tzibur put up with corrupt realtors?
    The Yated only a few weeks ago published an article bemoaning the lack of foresight of Lakewood`s infrastructure . TR is being pro-active in a smart way.
    Let the supply and demand system work on it`s own and let the shameless realtor`s revert to stalking their prey in another fashion .
    Tom`s River , as a Lakewood resident I have no issues with the cease and desist ordinance . It makes perfect sense and protects the quality of life of your residents. It is something that I wish my township would be able to say it has done for me.

  5. But why do the frumma yidden have to invite these attacks by knocking on doors and asking people to move? It’s not menchlich and it’s not ehrlich.

    We teach our children that we are better than the goyim, but as soon as things like this happen we are screaming about our rights, like every other American. So which is it that you subscribe to? The Torah or the Bill of Rights?

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