Video: The Power of Yom Kippur


rav-bentzion-shafier[Video below.] Rav Bentzion Shafier has impacted thousands of people with his talks and lectures, and especially with his innovative “Shmuz,” a mussar shmuess that draws on Torah, Gemara and the meforshim, but also brings in lessons from science, history and inspiring life stories of famous and not-so-famous individuals. There are 186 shmuzin available for free at, but Rabbi Ben Zion Shafier gives them live at various locations throughout the tri-state area, including Brooklyn, Queens, Lakewood, Passaic and Monsey. Between Rabbi Shafier’s dynamic presentation and the real life issues he covers in every shmuz (“People Skills,” “Stay Out of Debt,” “Parenting 101,” and halacha shmuzin on Shabbos and Pesach, just to name a few), the Shmuz demonstrates how all areas of wisdom can be used to enhance yiras Shomayim.

In the following short video, Rabbi Shafier provides an inspiring pre-Yom Kippur message to lift us up and help us understand what can be accomplished on this day, the holiest of the year.

Click below to watch:

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