Video, The Matzav Shmoooze: I Need a Date, Please


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  1. The shidduch system world is just plain BROKEN – what happened to old days of the baby boomers – when you met a girl or boy and just cared about the person not the family, cars, houses
    But no the powers that be have dictated this new methodology of shidduchim – etc.
    What you have is a high divorce rate, hi single rate –
    etc –
    Perhaps it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

  2. This video is bizzare, unfunny, possibly hurtful to people who aren’t successful in shidduchim. Why does Matzav feel that because some nudnik with a camera made a video that it deserves to be broadcast???

  3. turn to the real shadchan.
    Hashem is the real mezaveig zevugim.

    put your trust in Hashem & then you will become a chosson soon & at the proper time

  4. Rachmanah Lezlan.
    I think we should think hard if we really should allow our children. The fact that such a video is filmed and posted speaks volumes about the pathetic state of our way of life.

  5. I thought that was hysterical!
    Lighten up a little- He is being FUNNY!
    I mean, that one definitely got a smile out of me, don’t see any harm in that!

  6. we have boxed ourselves in with shidduchim…in the past everyone married with different minhaggim. Today belz ony with belz, satmaer with satmaer…so the regular yeshivish guy has to marry somebody close to his rosh hayeshiva or fathers chavursa friend….

  7. #2:
    The “old days of the baby boomers” when one “met a girl or boy and just cared about the person” was a strictly American phenomenon. Nowhere else in the frum world were shidduchim ever done like that. And to insinuate that all those who do things differently only care about family, cars and houses is a mite unfair, methinks.

    Everywhere else except the United States, frum parents always looked very carefully into every shidduch before allowing their children to meet.


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