Video: The IDF Blowing Up the House of Today’s Terrorist



  1. the arabs dont care. th3ey will give his family a bigger better house. how fitting for this to happen on asorah b’teves

  2. The only justice would have been to destroy the whole neighborhood and its inhabitants who aided and abetted this terrorist, just as Shimon and Levi destroyed all of Shechem who failed to bring Schem to justice for the rape and defilement of Dina. By doing so, s Shimon and Levi also sent out a strong message to all the Canaanite nations that dealing in an evil manner with the sons of Yaakov will have consequence; so would such revengeful justice put fear in the hearts of future would be terrorists.

  3. I am not sure i see the logic. IMHO the house should have been confiscated and auctioned, then either arabs would have bought it – with pretty money going to the victims’ relatives – or Yidden would, and afterwards, let the “authority” complain about “settlers” and the security accompanying them.


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